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As a luminary in the field of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, Dr. Sayah draws clients from all over the United States and from all continents. His office is devoted to making the transition as smooth and stress-free as possible. We offer unique concierge services to help facilitate your journey and take great pride in this aspect of our practice, for it distinguishes us from many other practitioners in the area.

Our office can help you to

  • Schedule airline flights
  • Book accommodations at hotels, bed and breakfasts or short-term corporate housing
  • Reserve rental cars and other transportation within Los Angeles
  • Understand the city’s public transportation system
  • Make restaurant reservations at 5-star dining facilities
  • Locate the best shopping districts in LA
  • Locate the ideal surgical aftercare facilities in the city
  • Gain access to local gyms and fitness centers
  • Enjoy sightseeing and other tourist attractions in LA
  • Find entertainment venues, amusement parks and fun for the whole family

And remember: You don’t have to be from out of town to enjoy these services! They are available to everyone, even if you’re traveling just a short distance to see Dr. Sayah.

Out of Town Patients

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