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Insurance carriers differentiate between cosmetic surgery, which is performed solely to improve the patient’s aesthetic appearance, and reconstructive surgery, which focuses on improving the function or structure of the body, usually after illness, disease, trauma or birth defects.

While cosmetic surgery can be instrumental in healing many emotional and psychological wounds caused by poor self-esteem, insurance carriers do not see it that way, and will typically only cover reconstructive surgeries that they deem “medically necessary”, and often only to a certain extent. Some examples of medically necessary procedures are septoplasty and rhinoplasty to improve breathing function, gynecomastia treatment, and blepharoplasty to improve vision.

Dr. Sayah is only contracted with a select few insurance companies. If your insurance company is not on this list, you may be required to pay in full at the start of your surgery. You can then file reimbursement claims with your carrier. Whenever you are considering a surgery, we’d be happy to research your insurance policy and its restrictions in order to assist you in making the best decision possible for your needs.

In the event you are unable to obtain insurance coverage, Dr. Sayah’s office can work with you to apply for financing from several reputable healthcare lenders that offer excellent rates, minimal down payments and favorable repayment terms. Finances should never stand in the way of achieving well-being and the self-confidence you deserve.

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