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What qualities determine the best plastic surgeons for men in Los Angeles?

Dr. Sayah is a gifted, board certified plastic surgeon who places integrity, transparency and patient satisfaction above all else. He is deeply passionate about providing a holistic approach towards cosmetic surgery that takes into account all aspects of well-being, from healthy nutrition and exercise to lifestyle coaching and personal style. Noting a demand for a niche practice devoted exclusively to the needs of his many male clients, simply males was born.

Dr. Sayah’s office is equipped with the most advanced technology on the market, including state-of-the-art laser systems, and a range of world class diagnostic equipment and software. From the moment you arrive at our elite Beverly Hills suites, you will feel your environment is more akin to a luxury spa than a medical office. Concierge service greets you, and follows you throughout your visit. Our staff is among the friendliest and most welcoming in Los Angeles, and will make you feel right at home immediately. Discretion, convenience and personalized attention are our mottos.

Why is a healthy lifestyle so integral to Dr. Sayah’s philosophy?

Plastic surgery can only go so far in improving how you look and feel. It is a tool best used in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle that involves eating right and caring for one’s health in all areas. The risk of obesity, heart disease, diabetes and cancer is greatly lowered through conscious consumption of whole foods, vegetables and fruits. Longevity is extended, and thus you will truly be able to enjoy your surgical results for years to come.

Dr. Sayah works with a dietician to create a personalized plan of eating for you that suits your lifestyle and budget. Your treatment goes way beyond your surgery, because Dr. Sayah wants you to experience a total transformation that facilitates both inner and outer beauty simultaneously.

What is Dr. Sayah’s background?

Dr. Sayah is a rigorously trained surgeon who has practiced medicine at the most prestigious and lauded institutions in the world. After earning his Bachelor of Science in biochemistry from UCLA with multiple honors, Dr. Sayah went on to receive his medical training at UCLA’s David Geffen School of Medicine. He graduated at the top of his class with an honors thesis in surgery and was elected to deliver the graduation speech during the illustrious Hippocratic Oath Ceremony. Following medical school, he completed his intensive general surgery training at NYU Medical Center with emphasis on cardiac and trauma surgery. He returned to UCLA to for his fellowship in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. In order to further his techniques, Dr. Sayah then completed a fellowship in endoscopic plastic surgery which has enabled him to perform plastic surgery with minimal hidden scars.

Best Plastic Surgeon for Men Los Angeles

What is Dr. Sayah’s legacy?

Dr. Sayah has delved into many areas of study and research as a physician, and among these is the treatment of difficult and abnormal scars. He developed his own unique approach using advanced endoscopic methods he learned during his fellowship at UCLA. Incisions are minimized, thus shortening recovery time for the patient while delivering exquisite, natural results. In 2007 one of the leading figures in cosmetic surgery, Dr. Frank Kamer, entrusted his practice to Dr. Sayah. Dr. Sayah is now the third generation of a celebrity studded plastic surgery practice beginning with Dr. Murray Parks, then Dr. Frank Kamer.

What drives Dr. Sayah creatively?

An avid sculptor and oil painter, Dr. Sayah has devoted his life to the pursuit of artistry, beauty and aesthetic balance, and this is evident in his surgical results. Dr. Sayah is influenced by ethnic and cultural ideals from all over the world, and has a progressive, nuanced view of what constitutes attractiveness. He boasts clients from nearly every continent and country, including Japan, Italy, Australia, the Middle East, Russian, Paris, London and Monaco. His global awareness and cultural sensitivity make Dr. Sayah among the best plastic surgeons for men Beverly Hills has to offer seeking sophistication, class, and impeccable outcomes.



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