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What is male rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty, or nose surgery, is performed to improve the cosmetic appearance of the nasal structure as well as relieve any structural or functional problems, such as blocked airways or a deviated septum.

The aesthetics of a handsome nose in men are entirely different than details of an attractive nose in women. Male clients tend to desire a nose that is straight and strong, and one that is proportionate to their other features. With this in mind, Dr. Sayah has perfected several techniques for Los Angeles male rhinoplasty specifically designed for men.

Dr. Sayah in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles works with men of all ages and backgrounds to create the ideal masculine profile, improving self-confidence and quality of life. He uses innovative techniques to contour the nasal bridge, tip and nostrils, while working to minimize swelling and scarring. His results are always natural and subtle, yet remarkably transformative.

What are the most common advantages of rhinoplasty for men?

  • Improved nasal symmetry
  • Correction of structural defects
  • Improved breathing
  • Boost in self-confidence
  • Refinement of the bridge, tip and nostrils
  • Long-lasting results
  • Natural outcome
  • A more proportionate nose
  • A more youthful-looking aesthetic overall



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The office is top notch and the staff is very friendly. I would recommend Dr. Sayah to anyone and will definitely go back myself.

- U.K.

Who is a good candidate for male rhinoplasty?

Only a private consultation in the comfort and privacy of Dr. Sayah’s West Hollywood office suites can determine if a rhinoplasty is right for you, because there are many factors involved that will need to be explored and discussed prior to the decision to move forward. These include your unique anatomy, your age, your health, your reasons for pursuing plastic surgery and the costs. Dr. Sayah understands that undergoing rhinoplasty is a major decision, and he takes all the time necessary to educate and inform you about the risks and advantages of the surgery.

In general, Beverly Hills male rhinoplasty clients should be in good physical and psychological health and be non-smokers. They should have realistic expectations for improvement in their appearance. Younger men can undergo rhinoplasty, but facial growth must be complete for the surgery to achieve lasting positive changes.

What are adjunct procedures to rhinoplasty?

For men experiencing difficulty breathing, septoplasty or turbinopalsty may be appropriate options to complement a rhinoplasty. During a septoplasty, the deviating segment of the nasal septum is removed or straightened. In a turbinoplasty, the turbinates which humidify the inspired air in the nose are reduced if they’re excessively large and protruding into the nasal passage. Another common procedure to balance the face is chin augmentation or implant.

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What does recovery from male rhinoplasty entail?

Most of Dr. Sayah’s patients find that recovering from male rhinoplasty in Los Angeles is easier than they thought. The length of recovery will depend on the type of technique used, whether any bones were fractured, whether the nasal tip was addressed, whether any work was done to improve the function of the nose, and on whether the dorsal hump was reduced. You will receive prescriptions for pain medications that will make your recovery more comfortable. Swelling will continue to decrease for up to 12 months as your new nose takes its final shape.

Will my insurance cover my rhinoplasty procedure?

Health insurance policies do not cover cosmetic procedures. In men with difficulty breathing through the nose due to septal deviation or enlarged turbinates, health insurance will contribute to the cost of opening the nasal passage by straightening the septum and reducing the turbinates. Those with a history of nasal trauma or complications resulting from prior rhinoplasty may also benefit from having their health insurance cover a reconstructive rhinoplasty. We’d be happy to verify your insurance coverage when we meet you for a consultation.

Why should I choose Dr. Sayah for my male rhinoplasty?

Dr. Sayah is a meticulously precise and detailed surgeon, but he is also known for his compassionate demeanor that instantly sets his clients at ease, especially if it is their first time undergoing a cosmetic procedure.

He is frank and transparent and takes an uncommon amount of time to explain each treatment in depth so that his patients leave the consultation feeling empowered, educated and prepared. Additionally, Dr. Sayah delivers impressive, high-end results that are highly nuanced and always natural. In 2007 Dr. Sayah was entrusted with the prestigious practice of Dr. Frank Kamer following Dr. Kamer’s retirement.

Dr. Sayah is the legacy of a practice with a long history of performing cosmetic procedures on celebrities, athletes and VIP’s from around the globe.

Dr. Sayah began his medical career by pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in biochemistry at UCLA, graduating with numerous honors. He then continued his medical training at the prestigious David Geffen School of Medicine. Afterwards Dr. Sayah went on to complete his residency in general surgery at NYU followed by a fellowship in plastic and reconstructive surgery at UCLA Medical Center. He continued his training in a fellowship in endoscopic plastic surgery allowing him to to perform plastic surgery through minimal scars.

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