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Why consider facial fat grafting?

As the face ages, it undergoes a variety of undesirable changes. The skin begins to lose its elasticity, succumbing to wrinkles, fine lines and sagging. In addition, the face begins to lose fat in key areas, leading to a hollow, tired look, especially around the eyes, the cheekbones, the lips and the temples.

The loss of facial volume can be treated in several different ways. Most commonly, facial fillers can be used to plump and hydrate the areas of depletion. However, dermal fillers are not right for everyone. Some patients may prefer a more organic approach through Dr. Sayah's Beverly Hills fat grafting, which involves harvesting fat from a donor area such as the thighs, hips, stomach or lower back and then injecting it into the places where the face has sacrificed its youthfulness. Dr. Sayah refines your fat into smaller droplets to achieve more exact results. If you choose, your fat can be enriched with your own stem cells to produce further rejuvenation and increase survival of the fat. He then injects the fat one droplet at a time into your areas of concern in a technique similar to 3D printers.

Among the many benefits of fat grafting is that it accomplishes two cosmetic goals at once: slimming and contouring the donor regions, while replenishing the target areas with a more vital, supple glow. In addition to replenishing lost volume in the face, fat grafting can also be used to augment the following areas of the body:

  • Breasts
  • Buttocks
  • Hands
  • Calves

What are some advantages of facial fat grafting?

  • Beautiful, natural-looking results
  • Low risk of allergic reaction
  • Long-lasting outcome
  • Trims and reshapes the donor areas
  • No downtime or discomfort
  • Boosts one’s self-confidence
  • Creates a more youthful look
  • Viable alternative to dermal fillers
  • Adds volume and plumpness



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Who is the best candidate for facial fat grafting?

If you are experiencing age-related changes in the face such as facial sagging, thinning of the skin and a loss of fullness around the cheeks, temples and the eyes, fat grafting may be an excellent solution for your goals, especially if you desire a long-lasting, organic approach that will not produce any allergic reactions. As always, Dr. Sayah suggests that his West Hollywood fat grafting patients are in good emotional and physical health and that you have realistic expectations for your outcome.

What does recovery entail?

Fat grafting involves virtually no downtime, however there are some important ways that you can care for your skin after treatment. Dr. Sayah suggests that you avoid placing any pressure on the grafted areas and that you stay away from extreme cold or heat for at least one week. You may experience a small amount of swelling or redness, but these are par for the course and will dissipate quickly.

What are adjunct procedures to fat grafting?

Enriching fat with your stem cells has been shown to increase take of the injected fat while achieving further rejuvenation. Other procedures you may consider to complement fat grafting include laser resurfacing, face lift, or neck lift.

Dr. Sayah and his staff are great. They made what could have been a pretty nerve wracking situation seem straightforward and simple. I felt that I was in good hands from my first consultation.

- C. C.

What makes Dr. Sayah the ideal plastic surgeon for my treatment?

In addition to his skill as a surgeon, Dr. Sayah is an avid oil painter and sculptor and has honed his abilities in fine art over a lifetime. His eye for beauty, symmetry and aesthetic harmony makes him among the most elite and sought-after cosmetic authorities in Los Angeles and beyond. He produces stunning facial contours that are completely natural, youthful and revitalizing. Dr. Sayah is also among the most compassionate and easy to work with physicians you will ever meet.

After graduating from UCLA’s prestigious David Geffen School of Medicine, Dr. Sayah went on to complete a demanding residency in general surgery at NYU Medical Center. He furthered his plastic and reconstructive training during a fellowship in UCLA Medical Center, one of the premiere programs in the world. This was followed by another fellowship in endoscopic plastic surgery to enable him to perform plastic surgery through minimal hidden scars. Please take the time to come in for a consultation so we can discuss your concerns and offer minimally invasive options to address them.

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