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Procedures For The Modern Man

Whether you seek to improve your self-image, feel more confident in your personal life, or gain an advantage in the workplace, cosmetic enhancement can help you to actualize your physical potential.

Today, more and more men are realizing that undergoing a surgical procedure is a major stepping-stone towards achieving their personal vision for their appearance. Drawing on years of complex anatomical study, Dr. Sayah offers powerful, transformative plastic surgery for men in Beverly Hills.

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Plastic Surgery for Men Beverly Hills

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FaceYour Appearance

Aging in the male face is often dismissed as “adding character” or “looking distinguished”. Dr. Sayah believes that this is a double standard, and that men deserve the same age-reversing options as women have enjoyed for decades.

He has created a wealth of Beverly Hills male plastic surgery procedures that target unwanted changes in the face – such as wrinkles and fine lines, loss of facial volume, sagging jowls and drooping brows – while boosting self-confidence and personal magnetism. Results are effortlessly natural, preserving your rugged individuality while reducing the flaws etched by time.

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A Professional Approach To Men

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Dr. Sayah

Rigorously trained at UCLA’s prestigious David Geffen School of Medicine, Dr. Sayah completed a coveted fellowship in endoscopic plastic surgery at the UCLA Medical Center, going on to then work in the trauma and critical care units of NYU’s Langone Medical Center. Dr. Sayah’s highly technical and scientific background is coupled with an innate understanding of beauty, form, balance and composition, as expressed through his artistry in sculpture and oil painting.

Dr. Sayah promotes a holistic approach to plastic surgery that takes into consideration the client’s entire lifestyle. He works with patients to create a diet and exercise regimen that will maximize the longevity of your results, while improving well being and quality of life.

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“Plastic surgery is a unique discipline that is based in science, but is exalted by art.”

- Dr. Sayah

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