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How are male oriented plastic surgery techniques different from standard or female oriented procedures?

While it’s certainly true that no two people are created alike, men and women were created absolutely differently! The rules of aesthetics in men vary greatly for women. As such, plastic surgery procedures to rejuvenate or aesthetically improve men have to be different from techniques used in women. Standard or female-oriented plastic surgery techniques—which are commonly performed on men by other surgeons—feminize male patients, leading to unfortunate, unnatural results we see too often at our clinic for revision.

To illustrate this further, while a softer, more rounded look is a sign of youth in women, the same round look is associated with aging in men. The youthful male has a chiseled face and figure with a straight nose resembling a Roman statue. Dr. Sayah has refined facelifts and rhinoplasty in men to achieve the more angular and chiseled face/neck. Jawlines are accentuated and soft tissues lifted to your more youthful self.

Body contouring procedures are similarly different in men. Male pectoral implants are positioned to create an athletic look while your body is sculpted with hi def liposuction to etch detail and create muscle definition. Your own fat can be harvested from unwanted areas such as your love handles and injected into areas needing greater volume such as your pecs or shoulders. In those preferring a more statuesque figure, Dr. Sayah places customized implants into the biceps, triceps, abdominal 8 packs (rectus abdominis), or gluteal muscles - if you choose.

Why choose a board-certified Beverly Hills plastic surgery for men’s plastic surgery?

In order for a plastic surgeon to obtain certification from the prestigious American Board of Plastic Surgery, they have to undergo a rigorous, grueling training process, regular reviews, demanding residencies, fellowships and often subspecialty fellowships as well. This ensures that the person performing your surgery has been thoroughly vetted by an institution with among the highest standards for safety and professionalism in the world.

What is Dr. Sayah’s niche?

Dr. Sayah performs a wide range of procedures, from male rhinoplasty to body sculpting and reconstructive surgeries. What is uniform throughout all these options is his ability to deliver natural-looking results for men that blend seamlessly with your existing anatomy. He is especially attuned to the needs and wishes of his male clients, and understands the importance of achieving a masculine-looking outcome that will retain individuality and ruggedness while still correcting aesthetic flaws.

When is the right time to undergo plastic surgery?

Cosmetic plastic surgery is elective which by definition indicates you can have it done anytime you wish. Dr. Sayah is passionate about helping his clients to maintain a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle filled with good nutrition, exercise and other forms of self-care. He believes that an elective cosmetic procedure is meant to complement that healthy lifestyle, not replace it.

Functional plastic surgery procedures such as correction of enlarged male breasts (Gynecomastia), rhino-septoplasty for nasal obstruction, or removing excess skin from the upper eyelids which otherwise obstruct vision, improve self-image or function to such a degree that they are considered of medical necessity. While also elective, the improvement in quality of life associated with such procedures may justify having them earlier in life.

Given it’s safer than ever to undergo cosmetic and functional plastic surgery, any time is right to have plastic surgery, provided you are doing it for the right reasons. Dr. Sayah offers the most cutting-edge equipment and technology on the market to make plastic surgery even safer with stunning results.



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