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Why consider body implants for men?

If you are an active, physically fit man who strives to be healthy, you may be frustrated when weeks and years spent at the gym do not produce the desired result. That is because there are many factors that affect the way we look, including our genetic predisposition towards poor muscle tone or excess body fat, and the inevitability of the natural aging process.

Body implants can provide improved contours and greater definition in the calves, pecs, buttocks, biceps and triceps, giving you that chiseled, masculine appearance that hours at the gym can’t always accomplish.

Dr. Sayah in Beverly Hills can create a more balanced, proportionate physique that is more youthful and appealing.

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Butt implants

Butt implants can improve the contour of the rear end, giving it a rounder, more robust shape and adding volume sacrificed to the aging process.

Calf implants

It can be quite difficult to get calf muscles to respond to exercise. With calf surgery for men in Los Angeles, you can achieve powerful, strong-looking calves that will make you proud to wear shorts.

Pec implants

If you’ve found that no number of pushups or bench presses have created the rugged, ripped chest you desire, it may be time to consider pec implants for men in Beverly Hills. They can give you a more toned and chiseled look, improving self-confidence.

Bicep and tricep implants

Arm muscles are synonymous with masculinity, and when working out at the gym isn’t cutting it, you can turn to Dr. Sayah to help enhance the biceps and triceps for a more powerful and statuesque look in the upper arms.

Dr. Sayah is an outstanding surgeon who makes one feel completely at ease. The entire office staff is terrific. I've rarely had such a comforting experience from a medical office.

- J.K.

What are some of the advantages of body implants?

  • A large variety of implant shapes, sizes and textures to choose from
  • A highly natural look
  • Long-lasting changes
  • Greater definition and bulk
  • An edge over your competition
  • More pleasing proportions
  • Improved self-confidence in one’s image

What other procedures are ideally combined with body implant surgery?

Liposuction can ideally be performed with body implants to sculpt your other areas of concern thereby achieving your ideal figure. Liposuction of the abdomen, for instance, can be performed along with abdominal rectus implants to show off your newly enhanced 6 or 8 pack. Similarly, liposuction of the chest is performed to accentuate your new chest enhanced with pectoral implants.



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What are other options to implant surgery?

Injecting your own fat or fat grafting is an alternative to implants. Modified liposuction techniques can be used to remove fat from unwanted areas and then grafted into areas you wish to enhance. The fat is injected one droplet at at time similar to a 3-D printer. Implants are preferred in those patients without much extra fat to spare or in those wishing to go beyond the shapes which can be afforded to them with fat injection alone.

Who makes a good candidate for male body implant surgery?

Patients should be non-smokers in good health, both psychologically and physically, with realistic expectations for their outcome. They should also be within 30% of their ideal weight, and have found dieting and exercise to be ineffective in achieving the volume and tone they desire.

What should I anticipate in terms of my recovery?

Recovery time for most implant surgeries is about 1-2 weeks. Most patients find they can return to work within around 10 days. You will need to limit physical activity and exercise as your body heals. Dr. Sayah will fit you with compression garments that help to reduce swelling in the treatment areas and ensure you maintain your new, improved shape.

How much does body implant surgery typically cost in the Los Angeles area?

The cost for body implants will vary from client to client according to which areas are augmented and your own personal goals, needs and safety requirements. During your West Hollywood consultation, Dr. Sayah will discuss your options in depth and together you will come up with a detailed quote for your surgery. Dr. Sayah accepts all forms of payment, and can also facilitate an application with our reputable healthcare lending affiliates if necessary.

Why is Dr. Sayah the right surgeon to perform my treatment?

No one understands the importance of discretion when it comes to undergoing cosmetic procedures better than Dr. Sayah, especially body implant surgery. He provides an uncommon level of privacy, convenience and personalized attention that you won’t find elsewhere.

Dr. Sayah is also a consummate artist when it comes to body sculpting and male enhancement. He can create contours that are augmented yet appear completely natural.

Friends and family members will simply comment that you look buff, but they will not necessarily know that you had any cosmetic augmentation.

Dr. Sayah is a graduate of UCLA Medical School followed by residencies in general surgery at NYU and plastic & reconstructive surgery at UCLA. He went on to complete an elite fellowship in the demanding field of endoscopic plastic surgery enabling him to perform plastic surgery through minimal hidden scars

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